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Special Event on Optimizing Technical Services Workflow

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NEBASE members are invited to attend an exciting workshop being offered by the Missouri Library Network Corporation (MLNC).

"From Selection to Access: Optimizing the Collections/Technical Services Workflow" will be held in St. Louis on October 17, 2007. The workshop is being presented by R2 Consulting, a company that specializes in library workflow analysis and implementing change.

In this session R2 Consulting staff, Rick Lugg and Matt Barnes, will discuss:

  • Coping with smaller technical services staffs, continuing budget pressures, and demand for electronic resources
  • Rethinking current operations and viewing the technical services workflow in its entirety
  • Applying a business approach to productivity and throughput

R2 has worked with many libraries and vendors to analyze workflows and data flows, and has developed principles, methods, and tools that lead to improved performance. The session will include examples drawn from R2's experience, practical advice, and techniques for analyzing your institution's workflow.

To find out more about this session or to register online, please visit MLNC's Workshops webpage.

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