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Play Games at the NEBASE Annual Meeting 2007

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Want to try out some of the games that can bring new users into your library?

Come to the NEBASE Annual Meeting on August 9 and play them yourself! We will have a gaming room set up throughout the meeting with:

Wii Sports - Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing
Dance Dance Revolution - PlayStation 2
Guitar Hero II - Xbox 360

Come play with us!

Topics for this year's meeting include:

  • A Gaming Panel
  • Social Networking: The Intersection between Content, Collaboration & Community
  • MySpace is Your Library‚Äôs Space: Reference, Programming and Promotion
  • CONTENTdm & OCLC Digitization: How to Move Your Historical Newspapers to the Web with Nebraska Memories
  • OCLC Update and WorldCat Local: Global Network, Local Results
Register for the NEBASE Annual Meeting: Do you know where your patrons are? Exploring new spaces at your library! in our Training Portal.
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