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New Playaway Titles for July

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Nebraska libraries receive a 20% discount off all Playaway orders placed through the Nebraska Library Commission. Discounted prices for each available title are listed on the order form.

Ordering: The Nebraska Library Commission will collect order forms from Nebraska libraries and forward them to Playaway. Your order will be shipped directly to your library, but billing will be through the Nebraska Library Commission. For more information, including ordering instructions, links to order forms, and an extensive FAQ, see:
/discounts/playaway.aspx. There is no minimum order - you can start your Playaway collection with as few as one title if you'd like.

Please note: K-12 school libraries will need to contact their Follett Library Resources sales representative to order Playaway digital audiobooks.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let a member of the Network Services team know. You can email us at Network Services any time.

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