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Entry Categories: OCLC News has been enhanced with a social-networking feature: Users across the Web can now add individual items cataloged in WorldCat to personalized lists. They can group items owned by your library and other WorldCat libraries, and share their lists with friends, colleagues and millions of site users.

Users can add any book, video, article or another item to a list right from its WorldCat record, or use the checkboxes and "Save to" button in WorldCat search results.


Library users can build as many lists as they like on any subject

They can make lists for every purpose—personal or professional, educational or recreational. Some ideas:

  • Movies I want to check out
  • Mystery novels I recommend
  • Research sources to review for my paper
  • Excellent children’s books
  • Best CD’s for learning about jazz

Share lists with friends and the world

Lists can be public—which allows other WorldCat users to search for and discover them—or private so only the list author can view them. (A list's privacy is easily changed by following its "Settings" link.) And a public list can be shared with anyone, regardless of whether they've used WorldCat before: The "Share" link lets a list author send an invitation via e-mail.

Easy to manage and export

List items can be added or removed at any time, and items can even be copied between lists. Users can also:

  • Reorder a list by title, author, publish date or date added to the list
  • Save a short note for each added item
  • Export a list in CSV (comma-delimited) format

The ability to export a list in common citation styles to bibliographic-software formats, including EndNote and RefWorks, will be added soon.

Users can start making lists now

All they need is an e-mail address to create a free WorldCat account. Let your customers know about this exciting new feature—encourage them to visit and sign up!

More WorldCat news

WorldCat profiles have expanded

A WorldCat user's online profile now allows them to provide greater detail about their interests and occupation; link to any WorldCat lists they have created; and link to a personal Web page, RSS feed or instant messaging address. Providing this personal information is optional, and the user can still control the public availability of their e-mail address or their entire profile in the privacy settings for their account.

Export bibliographic citations from WorldCat records

Individual WorldCat records now include the option to export a bibliographic citation for the item. Citations can be saved in two popular formats: EndNote and RefWorks. Look for the "Export" links next to the "Cite this Item" link. (Enhanced export capabilities will be available soon.)

Create your WorldCat lists today – at

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