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OCLC Board seeks input from librarians about OCLC governance study

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In February 2007, the OCLC Board of Trustees authorized a review of OCLC’s governance structure. The review will evaluate current and alternative governance forms for OCLC as it becomes an increasingly global cooperative.

The review is being facilitated by The Higher Education Consultancy Group (HECG) based in the United Kingdom, and will be supervised by a governance study committee consisting of current and past trustees and delegates to Members Council. The committee will recommend a governance structure appropriate to the roles that OCLC is expected to carry out in the next decade.

To ensure wide consultation for the study, the Board, OCLC management and HECG are seeking contributions from librarians throughout the library community.

If you are interested, send your contribution to Allan Schofield by July 20, 2007. Submissions will be treated in confidence unless respondents indicate that they are happy for committee members to see their comments. It is important that responses be solely about issues relevant to governance; the consultants are not seeking submissions on broader issues outside their terms of reference, such as OCLC services.

Further information about the review can be obtained from George M. Needham, Vice President, Member Services -

Send your comments, with the Subject "Comments on governance review" to

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