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Antelope County Content Added to Nebraska Memories

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The Antelope County Historical Society is the most recent addition to the list of Nebraska Memories participants. Searchers of the Nebraska Memories database can now find a small collection of digitized glass plate negatives from the historical society. These are images of various people, buildings and scenes in and around Neligh and Antelope County. The Society’s photograph collection is continually expanding and they hope to have about 200 pictures of historical significance digitized and available through Nebraska Memories.

The Antelope County Historical Society in Neligh, in partnership with the Raymond A. Whitwer Tilden Public Library in northeast Nebraska, received an LSTA grant for the digitization of a collection of large (4x6 to 8x10) glass plate negatives.

Go ahead and take a look at the Nebraska Memories web site to see the new stuff from Antelope County. Let us know what you think using the online survey.

If your library or other cultural heritage institution in town has material that would fit into Nebraska Memories give us a call or email so we can talk about digitization options. The Commission can scan items for you and help you create the cataloging records needed to be part of the Nebraska Memories project. We would love to have your materials included in the site.

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I am looking for a book written by the antelope county historical society named the history of antelope county nebraska 1868-1985. could you help me out?


This book, History of Antelope County, Nebraska, 1868-1985, is held by twenty libraries around the country. If you contact your local public library, it is possible that they might be able to borrow it for you. If you want to see which libraries own it, you can search for the title at

It is also available for purchase through web sites such as and However, the cheapest price for it was $110.

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