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Introduction to WebJunction Learning

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WebJunction Learning Webinar Series: Introduction to WebJunction Learning

April 4 - 1:00 PM MDT/2:00 PM CDT
FREE Online via WebJunction's Live Space

WebJunction is pleased to announce a new webinar series aimed at addressing the needs of decision makers, trainers and individual learners engaged with online learning in the library field.

The first webinar in this series, Introduction to WebJunction Learning, presents an overview of the e-learning services and resources WebJunction has for libraries. Whether you are taking courses, facilitating training, creating courses or managing training programs, we are creating material aimed at supporting your success.

You’ll discover our wide variety of self-paced and live online courses. We’ll talk about examples of the kinds of research, best practices and tips we have for trainers and managers implementing training programs. And we’ll spotlight our newest initiative – the E-Learning Institute. Find out what it is and learn more about the new courses we are offering through it, including:

We’ll give you a sneak peek of some of the exciting new courses we are working on to offer later this year. And even give you a chance to have a say in what new courses we develop and offer.

All of this will be offered through our new web conferencing platform we call Live Space.

Visit our Learning Webinars Instructions page for the details of how to attend – all you need is a computer with an Internet connection and either speakers, headphones or a telephone.

Please note that Introduction to WebJunction Learning is a FREE webinar and there is no registration is required for this webinar. Anyone may attend simply by following these instructions.

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