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Renewing your Driver's License

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The kerfuffle over the license plates is over. The Department of Motor Vehicles is now alerting drivers to new security initiatives being implemented at DMV offices statewide.

Gone are the days when if you were renewing your license you could walk into an office, get your eyes tested, have a new photo taken, and leave a few minutes later with a new license.
The visit may be just as short, but you will not be leaving with a new permanent license. You will receive a 30-day temporary document and be mailed your permanent license or state ID card from a secure centralized facility. The measures are being taken to reduce fraud and identify theft and prevent theft of materials from local offices. More proof of identification will be required, and a security surcharge has been added.

When you visit the DMV be sure to:

--Not wait until the last minute because your new license will not be mailed to you for several days. You have 90 days to renew after you are notified.
--Bring proof of U.S. citizenship, social security number and principal address documents with you.
--Be prepared to take written and/or driving tests
--Bring the appropriate fee with you.

For more information visit the Department of Motor Vehicles web site

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