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The last issue of What's Up Doc in Print

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Times change, new technologies come along, and we use them to (hopefully) improve our services. If you are reading this posting you already know that What's up Doc?, our bimonthly newsletter listing state and federal publications received at the Library Commission, has gone 2.0 and become a blog.

Sometimes doing something new means stopping doing something the old way. The print What’s Up Doc will cease publication with the November/December 2008 issue. The 2008 annual compilation of state documents will also be published soon. We haven't decided whether to publish future annual compilations in print.

We welcome feedback and comments about the new What’s Up Doc—pros and cons of making the change, need for future annual state docs compilations, comments on news postings, etc. Would you like to write a news article for us to post? How about using the blog to comment! Or call me at 402-471-4017 (toll free 800-307-2665).

Archived issues of the print What's Up Doc are online

Annual compilations are online and accessible via this page

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