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Welcome to the new What's up Doc Blog

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Welcome to the new What's Up Doc!

What's up Doc? is transforming to a new format and delivery method. The new Doc will continue to provide the information librarians and researchers need about new documents available in print or electronically via our Publicatons Clearinghouse service. Starting in September we will use blogging software to post the lists of new state and federal documents received at the Library Commission. This will allow us to let subscribers know about newly received documents more quickly than with our traditional bimonthly newsletter. We plan to post listings of new pubs every week or so, depending on what comes through our doors. We will also announce new lists of downloaded state epubs, complete with OCLC numbers and urls to use in library catalogs.

What's Up Doc will be broadening it's scope to include more news and updates about Publications Clearinghouse activities, documents in the news, and documents issues-- updates about Nebraska Memories visits and scanning, collaborative digitation projects like Nebraska Public Documents, new FAQs on our Nebraska Frequently Asked Questions web site, to name a few.

We will continue to publish bimonthly and annual compilations of newly received publications at least through the end of this year.

Let us know what you think of the new What's Up Doc?

[ views are those of their author and not necessarily of the Nebraska Library Commission ]

This is a great way to get the word out and encourage conversation. How about sharing some photos of those Nebraska Memories visits? Thanks, mjr


Good idea! We'll see what we can find.

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