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NebraskAccess Registration

Access to the following databases is provided for public, academic and K12 libraries by the Nebraska Library Commission and is made possible by funding from the State of Nebraska and the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services. The current funding provides access for participating Nebraska libraries. To receive access passwords or set up IP-recognition for access in the library, a library director must complete this registration form.

By submitting this form, my library agrees to the following terms:

  1. These databases shall be provided at my library to any Nebraska citizen regardless of his or her place of residency within this state (except for K-12 media centers where it shall be provided to all students and staff).
  2. Public access to these databases shall be available to all library users.
  3. There shall be no charge to any library user for these databases including charges to access the Internet while using these databases.
  4. My library acknowledges awareness of the Licensing Terms and Subscriber Obligations for Statewide Databases.

The library/school will be registered for all of the databases that it is eligible for.

Do not use this form to change contact or IP information. Please send changes to Allana Novotny.

Please provide the complete name of your institution!



State: NE


The information needed to access these databases along with a confirmation message will be e-mailed to this person. This person will also be placed on the NebraskAccess4Lib mailing list. The NebraskAccess4Lib mailing list is used to disseminate information about the NebraskAccess program.



E-mail address:

Phone Number: 1 - - - Ext.

FAX: 1 - - -

IP recognition can be set up for libraries that have static IP addresses. If you do not have static IP ranges leave this box empty.

IP Address Range:
Examples of how to enter IP addresses.
Please use the asterisk (*) as the wild-card.
123.456.789.51 and 123.456.789.88

By submitting this form I agree to the above terms.
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