ROI Training

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Training materials from the ROI Workshops:

What's It Worth to You: How to do a Return on Investment Study for your Public Library PowerPoint Slides

Avoiding Survey Fatigue Power Point Slides

Is your library interested in learning how to perform your own Return on Investment study? We asked Keith Lance of RSL Research Groupto provide training workshops on calculating a library’s ROI during the week of August 18 - 22, 2008. Keith is an experienced researcher and former director of the Library Research Service at the Colorado State Library, so he has considerable knowledge on this subject.

The training is aimed at library-initiated teams of community members who are interested not only in promoting the value of their public library, but also in building future financial support for the library.

'This training was held:
FremontAugust 1810am-4pm (CT)
Grand IslandAugust 1910am-4pm (CT)
NorfolkAugust 2010am-4pm (CT)
ScottsbluffAugust 2210am-4pm (MT)

About the Workshop:
In August 2008, Keith Curry Lance will tour Nebraska offering a one-day workshop on how to conduct a return on investment study for your public library. This event will review ROI studies completed for other states and communities, showcasing what they have in common as well as what sets each apart. Participants will receive confidence-building, hands-on training in how to collect and analyze local data on several aspects of contingent valuation, including: cost to use alternatives, value of lost use, direct local expenditures, compensation of library staff, and halo spending. Participants will be introduced to several interactive online tools, and will be guided in how to assemble required library data and how to begin customizing an ROI patron survey to their own local needs and clienteles. Recommended strategies for sampling library users and administering the patron survey will be shared, and participants will begin to consider how to implement them in their own communities. An Excel spreadsheet to facilitate necessary calculations based on local library data and patron survey results will be introduced. Examples of options for reporting and using the local library’s ROI study results will be presented. After the workshop, Lance will be available to advise and assist staff at any participating library that chooses to conduct its own ROI study.

About the Presenter:
Keith Curry Lance is a Consultant with the RSL Research Group based in suburban Denver, Colorado. He was the founding Director of the Library Research Service of the Colorado State Library and the University of Denver Library and Information Science Program. For more than 20 years, he has conducted internationally-recognized research on the impact and value of library services; advised state and federal agencies on library data collection; and taught LIS courses, conference sessions, and continuing education workshops on research and statistics-related topics.

For more information, contact:

Mary Jo Ryan, Communications Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission,
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John Felton, Planning & Data Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission
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