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Workshops to be Held in North Platte in May

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The following workshops have been scheduled at the North Platte Community College, 1101 Halligan Drive, North Platte. The instructor is Michael Sauers, Technology Innovation Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission.

Introduction to Web Page Creation with XHTML

Even if you use FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Drupal to Blogger to create your Web site, there’s XHTML under the hood. This six-hour workshop will give you a basic understanding of how the eXtensible HyperText Markup language works and how to create Web pages using it through a hands-on approach. By the end of the day attendees will be able to create new pages from scratch and have a solid
foundation on which to build their future Web page creation skills.

Date and Time: May 5, 9am - 4pm CT

For more information and to register:

Style Your Web Site with CSS

Once you have the content of your Web page written and your markup added, it’s time to add some style. Cascading Style Sheets is the language that gives you the power to make your pages look the way you want them to. CSS also allows you to give your site a consistent look across all of your pages in less code than you’d imagine. Ultimately, designing your Web site using CSS allows you to accomplish more work, in less time, and make your site easier to manage over the long-term. This full-day, hands-on workshop, will give you the basic skills to begin designing professional future-compatible looking Web sites.

Date and Time:
May 6, 9am - 4pm CT

For more information and to register:

I Blog, You Blog, Weblog

Blogs are an easy way to not only receive information, but also to publish the information you have. More than just an online journal, blog-based publishing might be the best way for you to present your library's information to the public.

Date and Time:
May 7, 9am - 12 noon CT

For more information and to register: /scripts/calendar/eventshow.asp?ProgID=8827

Internet Access: What's Your Policy?

You offer computers to the public. You most likely offer Internet access on those computers. You may even offer WiFi Internet access for the patrons with their own laptops and other devices. So, what’s your policy on what they can do, when they can do it, and what they may do it with? Issues range from filtering, to floppies. Do you leave the WiFi on after hours or worry about someone using it in their car across the street? Take a moment to re-read your policies and let’s have a chat.

Date and Time: May 7, 1pm - 4pm CT

For more information and to register: /scripts/calendar/eventshow.asp?ProgID=8828

RSS: The Basics

The new technology of RSS, also known as feeds allows users to subscribe to content that they wish to receive in a regular and timely manner. Feeds also allows information providers to send this information in the format necessary for users to subscribe. This three hour hands-on workshop will introduce attendees to both providing and consuming content via RSS.

Date and Time:
May 8,  9am - 12 noon CT

For more information and to register: /scripts/calendar/eventshow.asp?ProgID=8829

RSS: Next Steps

Description: Once you’ve mastered subscribing to and reading feeds, what’s next? How about manipulating, mashing, sorting, and republishing the information you’ve found for your patrons? Imagine automatically posting up to date local or industry headlines on your library’s homepage. This is just one of the things you can do in just a few simple steps. This workshop covers many other RSS tools and services, including one that will create feeds from content without its own feed and another that will automatically turn your text-based content into an audio podcast.

Date and Time:
May 8,  1pm - 4pm CT

For more information and to register: /scripts/calendar/eventshow.asp?ProgID=8830

Please Note: With costs being what they are these days we must stress that we need a minimum of five people per workshop in order to justify the travel costs for the instructor. As a result we appreciate any assistance you can provide in promoting these workshops and encouraging others to attend. Also, if you are planning on attending please do not wait to register as a decision on preceding with or cancelling the workshop will be made approximately two weeks prior.

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