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OCLC's new Web Harvester captures Web content to add to digital collections

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OCLC is now offering the Web Harvester, a new product that allows libraries and other cultural heritage institutions to capture and add Web content to their digital collections managed by CONTENTdm software. OCLC’s Web Harvester addresses the need to store and provide access to otherwise highly transient information resources that solely exist on Web sites.

OCLC’s Web Harvester evolved from collaboration with several state libraries, state archives and universities over a period of seven years. Participants emphasized the increasing importance of collecting and managing Web-based content as information resources move online, yet remain within libraries’ and archives’ collection scopes.

The Web Harvester is integrated into library workflows, allowing library staff to capture content as part of the cataloging process. The captured content is then sent to the organization’s digital collections where it can be managed with other CONTENTdm digital content.

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