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Join us for the NEBASE Annual Meeting 2008

You're invited to join us for the NEBASE Annual Meeting on Tuesday, August 12 at the Cornhusker in Lincoln.

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Library staff and media specialists are all invited to attend. We hope to see you in Lincoln on August 12th!

--- AGENDA ---

Keynote : From Science Fiction to Library Science: Info, Interface, Technology and Your Libraries' Future - Michael Porter, Interactive Strategy Manager, Web Junction

Many of the things we have read about and seen in science fiction related to libraries and information access are rapidly becoming library science fact. We’ll look at several examples of opportunities, realities, challenges and potentials for the library in a rapidly evolving technological and competitive environment.

Next Generation Cataloging - Renee Register, OCLC Global Product Manager, Cataloging and Metadata Services

OCLC has launched the Next Generation Cataloging and Metadata service pilot project. It will explore the viability of capturing ONIX metadata upstream from publishers and vendors and enhancing that metadata in WorldCat. A variety of academic and public libraries, publishers and vendors will participate in the pilot. The pilot will provide a way to store, enhance and normalize publisher metadata for the benefit of both library and publishing communities. Librarians will be involved in raising the quality of metadata in the marketplace where they select and purchase materials.

The New WebJunction: You Connect, You Create and You Learn - Michael Porter, Interactive Strategy Manager, Web Junction

In summer of 2008, at the very same time this meeting is getting underway, WebJunction is launching a very fresh, greatly expanded and amazingly practical new site. A site full of familiar, new and unique tools designed specifically for library professionals. Use the new WebJunction to connect, create and learn about content, about colleagues, and about anything you need to be involved with in Libraryland. At the individual, group and network level WebJunction has valuable and exciting tools and opportunities for you to use right now. And for free!

Creative Commons: A Copyright Alternative - Michael Sauers, Technology Innovation Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission

With the debate over copyright raging, with some calling for the end of the "all rights reserved" regime, and libraries feeling like they’re caught in the middle, just what are the alternatives? CC is the most respected alternative available today with its idea of "some rights reserved" as set by the content creators themselves. Sauers talks about the principles of Creative Commons, shows how you can easily apply it to your intellectual property today, and how you can use CC to find material that you can legally reuse in the creation of new content.

Break Out Sessions (Choose one)

Session 1 - NetLibrary Subject Sets: The Quick Way to Build Your eBook Collection - Christa Burns, OCLC Member Services Coordinator, NEBASE, Nebraska Library Commission

NetLibrary® Subject Sets are a simple and economical way to enhance, replace or start your eBook collection with authoritative frontlist titles. eBook Subject Sets are available for all library types and cover a wide range of subject areas relevant to your library users' interests and requirements. Learn about the collections available and how your library can benefit from these pre-selected eBook sets.

Session 2 - How Are You Accessing - Allana Novotny, Network Services Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission

As continues to grow and develop there are more and more ways to easily search the database. Learn how you and your patrons can easily access this service from your website, Facebook or web browser.

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