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Full-featured ratings and reviews are now available on Web users who use WorldCat to find materials in libraries near them and around the world can:

  • Quickly rate items on a five-star scale
  • Create and save drafts of review
  • Write a review in their preferred language

Users viewing their profile (My WorldCat > My Profile) now see links to reviews they have published as well as draft reviews they are still working on. To read others’ opinions, they follow the link to posted reviews right below the five-star rating utility on an item’s detailed record.

Reviews from additional sources will be available on soon. Write a quick review of your favorite movie, book or article today---on its detailed record, look for the “Review this item” link under the section titled “Add to It.”

Also new: Cover art added to lists

You have seen full-color cover art on WorldCat detailed records. Now covers are also available on user-created lists. Covers bring the titles on lists of library-owned items to life, and help users locate materials at a glance.

Public and private lists are available in three different views:

  • Details and Notes, with small cover art and list management
  • Covers Only, with large cover art
  • Citations, with no art and printing or exporting of bibliographic citations

If you haven’t created a list, check out other users’ lists with cover art and then sign in to start your own!

Search WorldCat lists

Sign in and make your own list

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