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New NetLibrary webinar now available: Getting to Success with eBooks

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You and your library staff are invited to attend a FREE, 60-minute web-based session for an overview and demonstration of NetLibrary and how users can get the most from your library's eBook collection.

Topics will include: getting started, creating end-user accounts, searching for titles, copying and pasting text, printing pages, adding notes, saving titles to a favorites list, plus other features and functions. The session will also review the essential resources available to help your users access NetLibrary eBooks with ease.

If your library is new to using NetLibrary, has experienced a recent staff change, or simply needs a refresher on end-user features, this session is right for you!

This interactive session is delivered live, over the web and via teleconference, by an OCLC Implementation Specialist. This session also provides a great opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion with other library participants.

Register today!

New Online Demos Now Available

Five self-paced demonstrations give the users perspective on how to access NetLibrary, create a user account, search and view eBooks, plus download and transfer eAudiobooks, all with ease. For added convenience, these demos can be linked directly from your library's website.

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