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User-created lists on now available as RSS feeds

Entry Categories: OCLC News users can now share lists of items and subscribe to others’ lists from anywhere on the Web: public WorldCat lists are available as RSS feeds that can be monitored using any RSS-capable service or software.

To subscribe to a list’s feed, users can view the list and click the RSS Feed button at the top right. The displayed “Subscribe to Feed” page provided by links to a variety of free Web services that can monitor RSS feeds, including personalized home pages at Google and Yahoo!.

If your library has created one or more WorldCat lists to promote a specific set of resources - recently-added books or videos, staff recommendations or local authors - a number of methods enable display of a list directly on your Web site, with your updates to the list reflected in real time via its RSS feed.

Other recently installed enhancements:

  • The Refine Your Search and advanced search features of now let users limit search results to a specific format within broader categories, such as book, visual material and sound recording.
  • A WorldCat list exported to HTML from the list’s Citations View now includes hyperlinks for each item back to

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