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OCLC unveils global Web site: The world’s libraries. Connected.

Entry Categories: OCLC News is a consolidated Web presence that brings together sites for every geographic region OCLC serves, providing a single access point for global and regional information about OCLC.

The new site went live February 11 and is another step in an ongoing process of change that OCLC is going through to serve libraries as a global cooperative with a global strategy and global focus.


Visitors to arrive at a new global gateway where they can select their preferred regional site and language. One of the goals of the new site is to bring together and integrate all regional Web sites for OCLC, making them consistent in design and architecture. The content at each regional site is localized and translated for that location.

The regional sites available are:

Asia Pacific
Latin America and the Caribbean
Middle East
United Kingdom and Ireland
United States

OCLC welcomes your feedback on the new design and its usability. You’ll find a feedback link at the bottom of the home page enabling you to send comments to

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