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OCLC Connexion Client version 2.10 available for download

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This message is for users of the Windows-based Connexion client only; it does not impact the Web-based Connexion browser users.

Connexion client version 2.10 is available for download from the Software download area of Product Services Web. You will be required to upgrade to version 2.10 by April 1, 2008. An upgrade warning message will begin appearing when you start version 1.7x or 2.00 beginning in early February 2008.

If you have been using version 1.7x, you can use the enhancements from version 2.00 in addition to the enhancements in version 2.10.

For more details and to download the client, go to Connexion client recent enhancements.

Enhancements in version 2.10 :

  • Use new macro commands GetListCellData and GetListCellDataUnicode to retrieve data from lists
  • Set an option to be warned before you export when unlinked non-Latin fields are present in a record
  • Select one of multiple headings in a bibliographic field to lock a linked authority record
  • Control genre headings in fields tagged 655 second indicator zero.
  • Display language of cataloging from field 040 subfield b in WorldCat search results lists
  • See the code S for SCIPIO records in the Library type column in WorldCat search results lists
  • See the SCIPIO date of sale in hyphenated format (1899-08-19) in WorldCat search results lists
  • Export and import in Dublin Core Qualified, Dublin Core Simple, OCLC Dublin Core Qualified and OCLC Dublin Core Simple
  • Include non-Latin data in 4xx, 7xx and selected 6xx fields in authority records when Library of Congress makes this available no earlier than April 2008.

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