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Leap into 2008 with big savings from OCLC ILLiad

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It’s leap year! You’ve just gained an extra day. How are you going to spend it?

Why not spend it on a subscription to OCLC ILLiad, the easy way to automate routine interlibrary loan functions. OCLC ILLiad saves you time by managing your library’s borrowing, lending and document delivery services through a simple, Windows-based interface. And ILLiad SAVES YOU MONEY!

SAVE 10% when you subscribe to OCLC ILLiad between January 1 and February 29.

Enjoy these great OCLC ILLiad benefits:

  • Automated routine loan functions
  • Elimination of time-wasting rekeying chores
  • No more paperwork
  • End user tracking of ILL requests

To place your order and SAVE 10% on OCLC ILLiad, please contact:

Tony Melvyn
Product and Services Consultant
1-800-848-5878 ex.5091

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