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OCLC Members Council discusses innovation in creation, delivery of library services

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OCLC Members Council met October 21-23 in Dublin, Ohio, to discuss innovative development and delivery of services to libraries worldwide.

Under the leadership of Members Council President Sandy Yee, Dean of Libraries, Wayne State University (MLC), delegates also provided input to an ongoing governance study, passed a resolution encouraging OCLC leadership to advance delivery of eContent to libraries, and met in small groups to discuss ideas and topics of particular interest to delegates.

Among the featured speakers with links to audio files of their presentations:

  • Stephen Abram, Vice President of Innovation at SirsiDynix: “Information 3.0—What’s Next?”
  • Meribah Mansfield, Director, Worthington Public Library: “Innovation at Worthington Public Library”
  • Jay Jordan, OCLC President and CEO: “OCLC President’s Report”
  • Karen Calhoun, OCLC Vice President, WorldCat & Metadata Services: “WorldCat and the Future of Bibliographic Control”
  • Sandy Yee, Dean of Libraries, Wayne State University, University Libraries: “Members Council President’s Report”
  • Larry Alford, Dean of University Libraries, Temple University: “OCLC Board of Trustees Report”

Listen to all presentations from audio files of the October 2007 Members Council meeting.

View the full report.

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