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Additional 20% Discount Available on Oxford Language Dictionaries Online Orders Placed Through October 31, 2007

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Oxford University Press is pleased to announce that their new Oxford Language Dictionaries Online is now available for trial and subscription!

Description: From September 2007, Oxford's high-quality language reference content in French, German, Spanish, and Italian, will be accessible online. The innovative Oxford Language Dictionaries Online features essential language resources never before available online - fully searchable, completely comprehensive bilingual dictionaries, and unique study materials that provide extra help with learning and using an expanding range of languages. For more information see

To celebrate its launch, Oxford UP is offering an additional 20% discount off OLDA orders placed through October 31, 2007. (Nebraska libraries ordering through the Nebraska Library Commission are already eligible for 25% off list price.) This additional discount applies to unlimited access subscriptions only. Concurrent user access subscriptions to the database are not eligible.

For pricing information see [obsolete link removed]

To sign up for a free 30-day trial: Fill out and submit the online form located at

You may also contact Susan Knisely directly to request a trial.

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