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Serials Solutions News: Ulrich's Serials Analysis System and

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NEBASE is excited to announce that Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System and will join the Serials Solutions family of e-resource management tools for libraries on August 1, 2007. As a result of this announcement, libraries purchasing new subscriptions to the Ulrich’s online services can take advantage of Serials Solutions’ special NEBASE program discount and possibly further benefit from Serials Solutions’ multiple-service discount plan.

The alignment of Serials Solutions and Ulrich’s will provide libraries and publishers with the broadest and deepest coverage of serials information available anywhere. It also creates opportunities for further interoperability and integration of the Ulrich’s and Serials Solutions’ services, as well as presents opportunities to promote further service development. Serials Solutions subscribers have already witnessed benefits of collaboration with the Ulrich’s online products in recent years through Serials Solutions 360 Search, 360 Link and its AMS service.

For specific questions surrounding the addition of Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System and to the Serials Solutions service line, please download an FAQ at If you are not yet a subscriber to Ulrich's Serials Analysis System and please review datasheets at and

If you wish to receive a quote for pricing details, or have questions about Serials Solutions’ or Ulrich’s services, please send an email to

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