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OCLC Connexion client 2.0 is available for download

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For more details and to download the client, go to the Connexion Client website.

OCLC does not expect to discontinue 1.7X until a future release of the client is available. You are not required to upgrade to 2.00.

However, OCLC recommends that you upgrade to 2.00 to have the most current features available:

  • Display your toolbar on two rows
  • Use shorter menus: Edit, Action, View and Tools menus are rearranged
  • Use Z39.50 access via the client to retrieve bibliographic records from your local system to create authority records or add bib records to WorldCat
  • Use RLIN21 keyboards for Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Latin scripts
  • Use Unicode control characters for Arabic and Hebrew script cataloging
  • Use automatic switch from non-Latin to English mode for delimiter and subfield code
  • Use Institution records.
  • Use New OCLC macros in the macro book OCLC.mbk

New documentation for Connexion client 2.00

The Connexion client Help is fully updated for version 2.00 of the Connexion client software, released yesterday. HTML and PDF Web documentation is in the process of being updated. Web documents covering many new features and enhancements are updated and available now, including:

Also available:

Tips: After clicking a link above to open a document, click "Abstract & revision notes" in the left-hand navigation list to see where updates appear. Click "PDF" in the navigation list to get an easy-to-print version or to use table of contents bookmark links to find very specific information.

The remainder of the updated client Web documents will be available in the next several days.

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