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Save 50% on Ancestry Library Edition if your Library Population Service Area is Under 50,000

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ProQuest CSA recently announced the following promotion. It is aimed at libraries with a population service area of under 50,000, in states that subscribe to HeritageQuest Online! This means many Nebraska libraries would be eligible!

Here's the deal:

  • Until June 30th, any library with a population service area under 50,000 who would like to purchase a subscription to Ancestry Library Edition from ProQuest CSA can do so at the price of $869.
  • Subscriptions must be brand new (does not apply to renewals).
  • Future renewals will be based off of this discounted price and will not go up to regular price (which is $1,735).
Please contact Maria Hofbauer at (800) 521-0600 x4088 or at with questions or to sign up.

Reminder: This product is available for in-library use only.

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