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Serials Solutions Offers Special Promotional Pricing to NEBASE Members

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NEBASE is pleased to announce that SerialsSolutions is making the following special offer available to Nebraska libraries:

Promotional pricing is available on all new, add-on or upgrade subscriptions to Serials Solutions services. Serials Solutions will reduce your first year subscription cost by one price tier. In addition, you will receive the balance of June included in your subscription term at no additional cost.

NEBASE encourages members to investigate Serials Solutions' services and request pricing information. Simply submit a no-obligation Request for Quote at and a Serials Solutions representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Please be advised that subscription costs for all services are based on the number of full-text journal holdings available at your institution or the number of federated search connections for your library. Take advantage of this offer before the expiration date of July 31st.

For additional questions, simply email

To learn more about the Serials Solutions' services included in this promotion, see the PDF flyer

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