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Special LearningExpress Advantage Pricing for K12 Schools

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In a move designed to make their product more affordable to the Nebraska K12 market, LearningExpress LLC is offering Nebraska K12 schools access to a lower-cost "Economy" version of LearningExpress Advantage. They've also created special population tiers to make this Economy version more accessible to smaller-population schools.

Please note that the Economy version of LearningExpress Advantage will be the same as LearningExpress Advantage Basic, except it will not include the instant essay scoring for the written portions of the ACT and SAT. It will also not include eFolio or class reporting set-ups. (Normally, the "Basic" LearningExpress Advantage service offered to schools includes all tests and courses, and instant essay scoring for the ACT and SAT. It does not include eFolio, the online instantly-scored writing improvement program, or any class set-ups for reporting.)

If they desire, Nebraska schools can always upgrade to the BASIC service, which includes essay scoring for the ACT and SAT. They can also add eFolio on a per student basis as they wish, for an additional cost, or reporting set-ups for an additional cost of $50 per class.

For more information about LearningExpress Advantage see the PDF brochure [learningexpressSD_withefolio_Feb07.pdf].  Also, be sure to take advantage of the trial access LearningEXpress has provided to Nebraska libraries through May 31, 2007. Trial access instructions were distributed via an April 5, 2007 message to the TRIAL mailing list; if you did not receive this information or need to have it sent to you again, please email Susan.

Pricing starts as low as $275! Contact us with your school enrollment for a price quote!

Order by May 15, 2007 and get June access FREE!

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