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NetLibrary Grants Available for Academic, Public and K12 libraries

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Nebraska Library Commission Offering Grants to Assist in Purchase of 2007 NetLibrary Shared Collection

Libraries interested in purchasing the 2007 SOLINET/NEBASE Shared Collection can apply for a grant of $275 to be applied towards their total cost. The grants are available to academic, public and K12 libraries. To apply visit the NetLibrary Grants website and fill out the online application form. Grant applications will be accepted through the May 31, 2007 deadline. Grants will be reviewed and funding awarded throughout the application period. To accept the grant award the library MUST submit its order forms to the Nebraska Library Commission for the 2007 netLibrary Shared Collection by June 13, 2007.


Grant Amount -- $275.00

Eligible -- Academic, Public and K12 libraries

Grant Application -- NetLibrary Grants website

Application Deadline -- May 31, 2007

Award Notices -- Ongoing through application period.

Order Submission Deadline -- June 13, 2007

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