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Article-level citation records added to search results

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OCLC has added article-level citation records to search results from four FirstSearch base package databases: GPO, ArticleFirst, Medline and ERIC. Now a broad base of Web users performing searches at can discover article citations as well as relevant WorldCat records for books, audio and video recordings, and other content formats.

What users can do
Article records link to fulfillment options appropriate to a user based on their IP address. IP information determines what nearby WorldCat libraries offer access to the article and which options are displayed to the user via the record. Options may include:

- Links to full text in subscription-based online databases;

- Links to library-maintained resolvers for access to available articles; or

- Links to an article delivery service.

As with checkout and other local-system functionality also reachable via, article fulfillment links may require a user to authenticate access with a library account.

Full-featured FirstSearch access to articles still available
GPO, ArticleFirst, Medline and ERIC continue to be available for full-featured searching by individual database in the OCLC FirstSearch service. In FirstSearch, researchers may search these databases individually or combine them with up to two additional databases for cross-database searching. The FirstSearch interface also supports flexible options such as searching indexes specific to each database.

Try a search now
Visit and try a search to locate articles on a favorite subject. Hint: Limit your search results to just articles by using the "Refine Your Search" feature--just click the "Article" link under the "Format" heading.
Search for what you want among more than 1 billion library-owned items, then find it at a library near you.

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