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Online Training Session on Searching eLibrary through NebraskAccess Scheduled for 4/5/07

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Are you interested in database training but short on time? If so, you may want to attend the live one-hour "Introduction to Searching eLibrary through NebraskAccess" training session scheduled for Thursday, April 5, from 10-11am Central.

Description: eLibrary is a wonderful information resource. It boasts searchable full-text content from magazines, journals, newspapers, and reference books, as well as tv/radio transcripts, audio/video clips, pictures, and maps. It is designed to be easy to search -- type in almost any term and you will get results! As with any resource, however, the more you know about eLibrary the better your chances of getting GREAT results! If you'd like to learn more about eLibrary so that you can search with confidence and retrieve improved results, then this is the training session for you. Attendees will see a variety of search techniques demonstrated and they will also learn what search functionality lurks under the Topics and Reference tabs!

Intended Audience: Librarians and media specialists who haven’t attended the Database Roadshow, or those wanting a review. (Reminder: eLibrary is not available to K12 schools through NebraskAccess. However, media specialists at schools that have their own eLibrary subscriptions are welcome to attend.)

Date: Thursday, April 5, 2007
Time: 10-11 am Central
Cost: Free
To register, please visit the NLC Training Portal and search for "eLibrary" or go directly to the online session entry.

This session will be conducted using Centra Live web conferencing software. For more information about Centra visit the Online Training Info page.

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