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Digitization Training Workshops Set for April

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Are you interested in learning how your institution can develop a digitization project? Join us in April for a set of workshops on the basics of digitization planning.

The sessions will be taught by University of Nebraska - Lincoln Electronic Text Center faculty and the cost to attend both days is $20.00. The fee includes class materials and lunch both days. The April workshops will be held at the the Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln.

To register and read more about the training visit the registration page in the Training Portal.

Introduction to Digitization
Monday, April 9 from 9:00am - 4:00pm

This session will provide a general overview of digitization project planning and execution. Topics covered will include: digitization concepts, selection, legal issues, outsourcing options, sustainability, best practices, equipment and access.

Introduction to Scanning Principles & Best Practices
Tuesday, April 10 from 9:00am – 3:00pm

This session will provide an overview of digital imaging. Topics covered will include: general principles, terminology, hardware, software, master images, access images, quality control, image delivery and outsourcing. This session will not include step-by-step scanning training.

Intended Audience

Staff/administrators of Nebraska Cultural Heritage Institutions (libraries, museums, archives) who have materials in their collections that they want to make available to the public in digital format.
Project planners.
Participants or potential participants in Nebraska Memories.
Recipients of or potential applicants for LSTA digitization grants from the Nebraska Library Commission (public libraries or public libraries in collaboration with other CHIs).

This class is NOT for students needing class credit, corporate or agency records management personnel, private citizens wanting scanning training, persons already experienced in digitization who have advanced technical questions more appropriate to a private consultation.
Please contact me with any questions.

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