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November 1, 2010

E-DOC Alert

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The NEDOCS list of publications for Summer 2010 is now available.


November 2, 2010

UNK Library is the FDLP November Spotlight

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Congratulations to the folks at the UNK Calvin T. Ryan Library, which is the Spotlight Depository for November for the Federal Depository Library Program. Rochelle Krueger, Government Documents Librarian at UNK, says it is "quite and honor" !

Nebraska's 3rd U.S. Congressional District is a very large district, bigger than many states in fact. What are the options available to a depository trying to respond to so large a service area? The Federal Depository Library at the University of Nebraska - Kearney's Calvin T. Ryan Library is one of two Depositories that serve this Congressional District. In this month's Library Spotlight GPO highlights the combination free public access, emphasis on electronic resources, and community outreach that this depository uses in response to the challenging size of its service area.

Depository libraries serve the public every day by providing free access to a wealth of U.S. Government information products. GPO highlights a different Federal depository library each month. To find out which other depositories have been Spotlights visit the Depository Library Spotlight page on the FDLP Desktop at


November 5, 2010

Nebraska's State Ombudsmen one of a Rare Breed

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Have you ever wondered what the Nebraska ombudsman does and how the position came into being? Nebraska is one of only five states plus Puerto Rico that have an ombudsman. Their job is to investigate and determine whether government actions were fair and reasonable if a citizen encounters problems dealing with an executive branch agency or its employees.

The concept began in 19th-century Sweden with a “Justitieombudsman,” a complaints officer to supervise the observance of laws and statutes and investigate and prosecute governmental wrongdoing. In the United States, Hawaii established the first state ombudsman office in 1967. Iowa and Nebraska created offices later that year, followed by Alaska in 1973, Puerto Rico in 1977 and Arizona in 1995. At the federal level, more than 100 agency-specific offices have been created.

In addition to investigations, Nebraska’s ombudsman, called the Public Counsel, can “initiate or participate in general studies that may enhance knowledge about, or lead to improvements in, the way in which state governmental administrative agencies function.”

More information is available on the Nebraska Public Council web site

and in this Legisbrief from the National Conference of State Legislatures
State Ombudsman Offices Improve Agency Responsiveness


November 17, 2010

Quick Stats for Agriculture Questions

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Guest blog from James Shaw, Director of Collections at UNO Criss Library.

Here at UNO we have a graduate student in History writing a thesis about the history of Thurston County. As he explores the 1930s, he is examining agricultural production during the drought years. Climate data resides in Climatological Data of the United States, by Sections, and I thought that Nebraska Agricultural Statistics would provide the crop data. We discovered, however, that the Nebraska Agricultural Statistics have figures for acres harvested but not acres planted. The difference between those two numbers is indicative of growing conditions, and when viewed in conjunction with yield per acre, one can certainly sense the difference between a good year and a hard year (or during the 1930s, a hard year and a harder year).
Much to my surprise, I discovered that the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture has a database at which permits you to drill down to annual county-level data as far back as 1910. I was able to download a spreadsheet for Thurston County providing annual data (1930-1940):
Annual number of acres of corn planted
Annual number of acres of corn harvested
Production measured in bushels
Production measured in bushels per acre

The Quick Stats trove of historical data is truly remarkable, and well worth adding to your reference toolkit.


November 22, 2010

Who's not Paying their Taxes?

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The Nebraska Department of Revenue is trying "shame on you" tactics by publishing a list of people owing $20,000 or more in back taxes on their web site at

The person at the top of the list owes a whopping $2,357,875.48.

If your name is on the Delinquent Taxpayer List, and you have questions about paying your taxes, please contact the Department office nearest you; or call Taxpayer Assistance at (800) 742-7474 (toll free in Nebraska and Iowa), or (402) 471-5729 and speak with a representative who will explain the payment options available to you. It is your responsibility to contact the Department if you can not pay the tax which is due.



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