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December 2, 2008

E-DOC Alert

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The NEDOCS list of publications for Fall 2008 is now available.


December 4, 2008

New publications received at the Library Commission

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Click here to see a list of publications received December 4, 2008.


December 11, 2008

Election results online

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One of our more popular state documents is the "Official report of the Board of State Canvassers of the State of Nebraska".

That may not be an exciting title, but we are often asked for what they contain by scholars and others in Nebraska, other states, and even other countries. The reports contain detailed, county-by county vote tallies for Nebraska elections. Our one-house, nonpartisan legislature and splitting of the Electoral College generates a lot of interest in our elections.

In anticipation of this year's election we decided to scan and post all of the reports in our collection, from 1916 to the present. Julie Pinnell spent many hours scanning them for Bonnie Henzel to post in State Publications Online and link from our Online Catalog.

The direct link to the reports is

Happy vote counting!


New Nebraska Census Data

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The long-awaited release of 3-year data for communities of 20,000 and above is now available on the American Community Survey web site. On Dec. 9, the Census Bureau released the data, which will provide the first look at detailed socioeconomic and housing characteristics for geographies between 20,000 and 64,999 since Census 2000.

What this means for Nebraska is that 3-year averaged data for 2007 is now available for 11 cities (Bellevue, Columbus,Fremont, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Lincoln, Norfolk, North Platte, Omaha and Papillion).

To find profiles for these communities go to the American Factfinder site Look for American Community Survey in the Getting Detailed Data section and click on "get data". Leave the radio button on 2005-2007 3-year estimates. Choose "Data Profiles" on the right, then use the drop-down menu under "Select a Geographic Type" and click on "" indented under "State". Another dropdown will appear allowing you to select Nebraska. A final dropdown menu appears with the city names. Highlight one and click on "Show Result"

Some data is still not available--check the legend at the bottom of the table for an explanation of the symbols.

The Center for Public Affairs Research at UNO is the Nebraska Census Data Center. Their web site features research reports using data extracted from the Census files. This week "2005-2007 Nebraska urban-rural and county data highlights" , using the newly available data, was added to the site.

The American Factfinder site is a very powerful tool, allowing you to map data, make comparative tables for more than one community, or select which data elements you want to display in your table.

For more information about using American FactFinder contact Beth Goble


December 19, 2008

New publications received at the Library Commission

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Click here to see a list of publications received December 19, 2008



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