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Library Innovation Studios

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Library Participation Benefits and Expectations with Answers to Questions

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Community Engagement

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About the Project
Successful Makerspace Initiatives depend on the assessment and deployment of existing talents and connections at the local level, and on identifying untapped talents and connections that emerge through the community engagement process. The Community Engagement process leverages the learning and accomplishments of individuals and groups in the library Makerspace to create change and build community vitality.

Prior to the rotating Library Innovation Studio’s arrival at each library, staff from the Nebraska Library Commission, Nebraska Extension, and Regional Library Systems will facilitate the community engagement process, using the following steps:
  • Welcome Webinar with local library staff and the Nebraska Library Commission, Nebraska Extension, and Regional Library System staff;
  • Initial site visit with local library staff and the Nebraska Library Commission, Nebraska Extension, and Regional Library System staff;
  • Initial meeting of Community Action Team formed by the local library:
    • solicits input
    • builds consensus, and
    • gets buy-in from the Community Action Team and other local partners.
  • Work through Templates:
    • Forming a Community Action Team Worksheet
    • Forming a Training Team Worksheet
    • Event Planning Form (Open House, etc.)
  • Library staff and Extension Educators will work with community partners in a collaborative effort:
    • Getting the Conversation Going
    • Staying Engaged and Maintaining Momentum
    • Celebrating Success (Local Maker Showcase, UNL Inventors' Fair, etc.)
Community Engagement Resources Grant Timeline

Community Engagement Resources
  • Community Engagement in Library Innovation Studios, with Nebraska Extension Educator Connie Hancock on the role of libraries in Community Engagement, focusing on building a local Community Action Team. (Excerpted from Webinar March 15, 2017 NCompass Live: Library Innovation Studios - Project Introduction and Application Process)
The local partnership for Community Engagement is a major component of the grant and it is the best opportunity to maximize our efforts in building local library Makerspaces. Working together within our communities, the library staff and extension educators can reach out to partner and make alliances, embracing and presenting new technology and opportunities. Through collaborative action, they can empower people and groups to use the Makerspace development process to address community problems and take responsibility for solutions.

Contact Information

JoAnn McManus, Library Innovation Studios Project Manager, Nebraska Library Commission, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023, 402-471-4870, 800-307-2665

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [grant #LG-95-17-0046-17].
Program Partners include: Nebraska Library Commission, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Nebraska Innovation Studio, Nebraska Regional Library Systems, and Nebraska 4-H Extention